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Bio-Formaldehyde Degradable Treatment

Trinity Bio Technology Co., Ltd, launched “Bio Degradable Formaldehyde Technology” since 2008. The Formaldehyde cleansing agent-“Bio-Formaldehyde” (Though SGS test, Hong Kong Poly University product examination etc.), certificate can make formaldehyde content by danger level control to reasonable safety level in 8hous, also suppresses germs effectively and ovum multiplying.

Under the Bio Degradable Formaldehyde Technology concept, the “Bio-Formaldehyde” contains huge numbers of high-activity beneficial microorganism, to proceed polymerization with the formaldehyde; which is to reach the purpose of evaporation and elimination to the formaldehyde.


1.Carry on indoor free formaldehyde content examination


Our staff will use the professional instrument to collect the data,to set up a plan for the treatment.

2.Set up the equipment


Our staff will start to arrange and install the equipment according to the planned solution.

3.Start the Bio Degradable Formaldehyde Treatment


To aim at the relatively serious area, we will use the atomizers to resolve the Formaldehyde particles.

4.Key Treatment to the source


According to the formaldehyde density value, the staff will use the spray and cleaning rag to against the release of the Formaldehyde.

5.Repeat Test to ensure result


We will take the examination to the indoor area again, to compare with the starting data.

The scavenger advantage of our company product we use “Bio- Formaldehyde (BF01)”

  • BF01 is green environmental protection product since the production process and the degradable treatment procedure both keeping with green environmental protection spirit and standard.
  • BF01 includes many kinds of beneficial microorganisms which can decomposes into the formaldehyde harmless material. Not seal in the furniture.
  • BF01 will not affect the appearance of the furniture.
  • Suppresses germs and ovum multiplying effectively.
  • Ingredient will not harm the skin. The product after SGS test, BF01 confirmed that does not bring about the skin to be sensitive.
  • Not any second pollution. Product through Hong Kong Poly University product examination, it will not have second contamination concerns after use.
  • Rapid persistent effect eliminates the formaldehyde guarantee. Our product through the Hong Kong Poly University formaldehyde elimination rate project examination, certificate can make formaldehyde content by danger level control to reasonable safety level in 8 hours.

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